Answers, I Like Answers

So I am a person who likes answers, and I had written out a really long post about something that has really annoyed me, but I can do nothing about, and then upon re-reading the post I came to the realization that it made me sound completely crazy because all this lingers from over a year ago. I am pretty sure that is not the case, but maybe it is?

To sum it up…

I dated a girl

Things went well, met friends, was social etc

Girl broke up with me

Things were civil with no ill feelings from my side

but then then this is where the annoyance was generated.

I simply asked her why she wanted to end seeing one another, whether it was something I said, did, or if she met someone else, or whatever her reasoning.

Instead of just sending me a note that said why, I was either ignored and my messages never responded to, or she just outright blocked me on social media after reading my message.

Yes, that is one nice thing about Facebook, the “read receipt” is always turned on, so you always know if someone read the message or not. So yes, I know she read the email.

I could totally understand blocking me or anyone if they get belligerent, mean, say bad things or anything else like that. It is totally warranted. However, I am just puzzled as to absolutely no response in this situation, not only that, I find it to be pretty fucking rude as well. Don’t want to talk to me? Fine, just say it.

I can’t quite come to a reasonable understanding about why this would happen.

Am I that horrible of a person? Is it her that is clearly the problem? Is it normal for adults to act like children? Is this a new standard in dating to just cut someone off with no explanation? Is she just a bitch?

If anything, it just makes me think that the old rule of never being able to figure a woman out is totally a reality.

I guess I just like answers too much, and like to know what went wrong, or what broke so I can fix it for the future.


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