Favorite Links

These are some helpful links for site I use or have used.


Really one of the best search engines out there, and especially helpful for other things as well. Things like Images, Maps with satellite and street view, up to the minute Stock Quotes and Portfolio Tracking, Free Webmail and dozens of other useful and fun but not so useful tools.


Craigslist is a great site, lots of information available via the Forums or there are always the Jobs, For Sale, or the Personals. Try not to take anything too seriously though, plenty of nutjobs on the site as well. I also think it is safe for people to use, as long as you aren’t stupid about what you do when you meet someone or you go to buy or sell something. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!


Fun site with occasionally good stuff cheap, woot offs are a bit addictive but “fun” in their own way.


Great place for the web browser Firefox and it’s email counterpart Thunderbird.

Add-ons for Firefox are a good thing, I use several of them on every PC.

  • Ad-Block Plus – Helps hide Ads online so you see what you want instead of advertisements.
  • TwitterFox – Allows reading and posting to Twitter from within the browser.
  • FlashBlock – Kills off annoying Flash on sites, unless you tell it to play it.
  • SearchLoad Options – Changes how your search bar acts when you search within Firefox.
  • Woot Watcher – Keeps me updated with what is going on with Woot, especially helpful with Woot-Offs.
  • more to come later…

I also use a whole bunch of additional Search Engines in Firefox as well.

  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • Google Image Search
  • Wikipedia
  • IMDB
  • Urban Dictionary
  • Baseball-Reference
  • Basketball-Reference
  • Pro-Football-Reference
  • YouTube
  • Dictionary.com
  • Flickr
  • and Others…


One of the greatest photo tools for anyone who uses a PC.

The Remy Report

Jerry Remy’s page, Jerry’s point of view, along with lots of links to stories about the Red Sox, along with other pages like Jodie’s Patriots Page.

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