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Wooties: Meow

Woot Shirt, Meow

Woot Shirt, Meow

Cats Cats Cats!

3rd Place in Derby #321: Text as Art, with 208 votes!

Buzzfood Lists: 11 Broken Images Of Cats You Wish You Could See!

1. This cat who totally thinks he’s a dog!


2. This cat who totally thinks his an iguana!


3. This cat who totally thinks he’s a social media intern!


4. This cat who totally thinks he’s George Clooney!


5. This cat who is checking his bank balance on an ATM and then smiling at the result!


6. This cat who is running for and successfully winning the Mayorship of a small Nebraska town!


7. This cat who taking a bite of a burger at a fancy gastropub, complaining it is under cooked, and getting it removed from his bill!


8. This cat who’s solving the equation ([{15x^(7/2)y – e^(x)} * 7.6e] + [38/5]e)*e(x^2+[3/2y^3]) and explaining his reasoning to a group of young scientists!


9. This cat wearing a business suit, drinking a scotch, smoking a cigar, and reflecting on his long career in finance!


10. This cat preparing a duck to be roasted and substituting a mixture of cumin and cinnamon for a result that is unconventional but nonetheless tasty!


11. This cat who totally thinks he’s an officer in the French military circa 1501!


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Wooties: Le Chat dans la Boite

Wöötinger’s Cat

Woot Shirt, Le Chat dans la Boite

Woot Shirt, Le Chat dans la Boite

We are all both alive and dead in the imagination of a doomed feline. Maybe.

The Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment postulates that, given the strange dynamics of quantum mechanics, a cat trapped in a box whose life depended on the decay of a certain radioactive substance can be considered both alive AND dead until the box is opened. Pretty mind-bending stuff, but we’re going to kick it up a notch with something we call the Wöötinger’s Cat hypothesis:

What if the universe we currently occupy is just a figment in the imagination of a cat that is trapped in a Schrödinger-like contraption? This hypothesis may remind some aged viewers of the popular 80s show St. Elsewhere, more specifically the “Tommy Westphall Universe Hypothesis” in which most popular media at the time existed in the imagination of the eponymous, autistic youngster.

We are all living in the snow globe! Except instead of a snow globe it’s something that a cat that both exists and doesn’t exist would be thinking about. Maybe a cat food bowl.


Sorry, did you hear something? Oh it was just the simultaneously blowing of the Shirt.Woot audience’s collective mind? Excellent.


I don’t totally get this one, I originally thought it was some sort of literary reference, but from what I can tell it’s all related to physics and quantum mechanics. It’s beyond me, but it doesn’t look terrible, I just happened to get a bunch of random shirts all related to cats in a short period of time. I think I was just a little unlucky.

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Wooties: cmykf5

And Our Umber Got Totally Burnt

Woot Shirt, CMYKF5

Woot Shirt, CMYKF5

1st place in Derby #94: Air, with 1213 votes!

GREIGEVILLE – Residents are still reeling from the multichromatic devastation unleashed here by a tornado of color early Friday morning.

Rated an F5 on the intensity scale, the tornado descended upon the taupe and cream streets with it a garishly vivid horror rarely seen in the area.

“This has always been a nice, neutral-toned kind of town,” said local egg farmer Buff Ecru, 57. “I’d never even heard of ‘cyan’.

“I wish to hell I still hadn’t.”

The town’s main street, Ivory Boulevard, was virtually unrecognizable in the wake of the storm, its pale storefront facades a brilliant chaos of color. A handwritten sign posted Friday on a popular local restaurant, the Clamshell, read CLOSED FOR DECOLORIZATION. At this point, nobody can say exactly when the Clamshell will resume serving its signature vanilla-and-marshmallow milkshakes. But residents had larger worries.

“The Elks Hall is magenta,” Ecru continued, clearly shaken. “Think about that: magenta. Who ever heard of a magenta elk? It’s wrong.”

City officials vowed to begin cleanup immediately and salvage as much of the town’s historic drabness as possible. But whatever happens, one thing is certain: life here will never look the same again.

Wear this shirt: to reassure everybody in the basement with you that tornadoes can be fun.

Don’t wear this shirt: and try to make jokes about how you’re a colored person.

This shirt tells the world: “Cy-y-y-yan…over you…”

We call this color: White Is Too A Color


So this one came as a random shirt that I bought, I didn’t know what shirt was coming for me, and I can’t say it really made much sense to me and it doesn’t really fit my style, I know I ended up giving it to someone at some point, no idea who though. I also freely admit that I don’t really get it, it’s a color tornado… but yeah… this was a #RandomFail when it came to getting a random shirt.

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Wooties, that is what I use to refer to the T-Shirts I buy from, sometimes I know what they are going to be, other times I haven’t the slightest clue what is going to end up on my doorstep wrapped in plastic and dropped off by the mailman.

So I am going to post a little bit about each shirt that I have, an image from Woot itself of the design, and then the text of how they originally described it.

I am also tagging them all as one of the following:

RandomFail: These are shirts I bought without knowing the shirt I was getting, and when I got it I was really underwhelmed and probably got rid of it or don’t wear it often or at all.

RandomMeh: These are shirts I bought without knowing the shirt I was getting, and I am mostly ambivalent about them, I don’t dislike then, but I don’t overtly like them either.

RandomWin: These are shirts I bought without knowing the shirt I was getting, and I like them a lot and think they are pretty awesome for shirts.

BoughtIt: These are shirts that I actually knew exactly what I was getting when I bought it.

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