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495 Gets Crazy!

So, it was a Tuesday and I was swinging by my moms house to pick up here computer which is having some trouble, so I am going to fix it for her. Pretty normal stuff there, but where the interesting part comes into play is with my ride home from there.

The strange and crazy came on the way home, I cut down Allen, hit Rockland and road to Mansfield Center where I then jumped on 140 and then to 95 to 495 for the long stretch home…

So I am cruising along and going through the Milford area between exits 18 and 19. I noticed 2 cars that looked like they had spun off the road, one was facing me on the side and another had spun off and was way on the grass, so I figured I would pull over to make sure they were ok, but my brain says to pull over after then instead of before them, so I went to go wide left and then will pull over to the right.

So as I come up on them, I realized why they were over there. There was, for a lack of a better phrase, a complete shit ton of garbage all over the highway. I hit the brakes, swerved left and right and got through the obstacle course of shit all over the road and then pulled over to the right side and put on my flashers. The jetta handled beautifully though, no skidding, and the steering was nice and tight.

I open up my car door and get out to check on the other 2 cars, as I am walking back towards them, I see more cars coming up on the debris, along with a couple large trucks, lots of swerving, tire screeching and it looking like a tractor trailer was going to jackknife and roll over, I realized this was not a good thing to be going on. I grabbed my phone and called the state police to report¬† it, then went back to my car and grabbed the two maglights I always carry with me in the car, cuz you know, be prepared right? Seeing a truck swerving, skidding and looking like it’s going to roll over is pretty damn scary experience.

So I stayed in the breakdown lane and just was waving the flashlights in an up & down and back & forth motion at all the cars coming towards us in hopes that they would understand that to mean stop or slow down, and fortunately, they did, they all started to slow down and there was less screeching breaks and swerving to get around the stuff, although one person chose to mostly ignore me and almost rear-ended someone who slowed down to go through it all. That’s on them, pay attention to brake lights dumbass. Meanwhile I get down to the 2 cars who were on the side of the road and both of the guys from the cars were ok.

So there was some spots where there were no cars coming, so when those breaks happened, I went out to grab some of the large stuff off the roadway… the massive tarps, the dual tank air compressor, the 2×8’s, the mangled fiberglass and aluminum ladders.

I got a few of these things cleared off a statie finally showed up and parked in the middle lane to block things, and then got out and started clearing the big stuff off with me and one of the guys who was there when I pulled over. Then another statie showed up and completely blocked the whole rest of the road, so no cars were going by. I then asked the one who was cleaning off the road if we should just clear everything out of the left lane so some traffic could pass and no one would end up with a flat tire, he thought it was a good idea so we policed the lane and cleared everything out of it, the debris went for about 200-250 feet or so.

So we got the lane cleared and they opened it up to traffic in one lane.

So the stuff that was all over the road was pretty impressive. It certainly was apparent that it was from a truck that probably belonged to a contractor or carpenter of some kind. There were a couple metal ladders that were all kinds of mangled, and a fiberglass ladder that was mostly shredded but still holding together. An air compressor,¬† screw drivers, hammers, chisels, tool belts and bags, giant tarps, shovels, tin snips, wire cutters, pliers, staplers, drills, batteries, 10 foot 2×8’s, ladder jacks, staples, nails, screws, circular saw blades, extension cords, plywood, levels, tubes of tar and silicon, shingles and at least a half dozen home depot buckets that probably held all the stuff. The inner hoarder in me wanted to spend some time and look for anything that wasn’t totally fucked up by being dumped out onto the highway at 65mph and just keep it. I did keep a triangle square and a hammer that I picked up though, just cuz those are good to have and I can’t find any of my hammers since I moved, I think they are all over in the storage unit, plus really, who doesn’t need an extra hammer?

So got the lane clear, I was headed back to my car and was walking with one of the staties who then said something close to “This is bullshit, I don’t mind Tuesday night road duty because shit like this doesn’t happen on a Tuesday night, what a shit show.”

Checked out my car and everything appeared to be fine, so I got ready to head out. I was luckier than some of the others who ended up with flat tires, or the one guy who had the head of a shovel wedged under his car with some mystery liquid leaking out. It wasn’t oil, it wasn’t anti-freeze, it wasn’t washer fluid, and it wasn’t transmission or brake fluid… I was a bit puzzled, but not my issue…

So I drive off and about a mile or so up the road, there’s a car off to the side, so I pulled over to see if they needed anything, it was two girls just hanging out and smoking while they were waiting for AAA to come change their flat tire for them… I have an opinion on this, and I am sure you can figure out it, but I’ll just let you go with it.

I then saw a pickup truck over on the side about 3/4 of a mile up from them, so I pulled over the same to make sure they were ok… that’s when I found it… pretty sure it was the truck that lost all it’s shit out on the highway a couple miles back. Holy shit, this truck was fucked up! There are a couple pictures below that I took with my phone, so the quality is kinda crappy, but it will show you the damage to the truck. The tailgate was hanging off, front right tire was completely shredded up, but still there and there was damage to the front on both sides, the hood, the windshield and roof, but there didn’t appear to be any damage to the racks and rack supports on the back of the truck. I don’t think that the truck actually rolled over, and if it did roll over, how did it end up 3 miles down the road? Aliens maybe?

Click on the image to enlarge it.

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Photo 365 – 2/3/2010


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

I came across a site that described this, and showed pictured, so I decided to try it myself. This was my end product.

The bottom was a bit overdone, but that I attribute to my oven still not working, so I had to utilize my grill as an oven.

Chicken wrapped in bacon, stuffed with garlic, asiago, parmesan, some salt and pepper.

Pepperoni tail and side fins, with a sharp cheddar horn.

It was delicious once the bottom was ignored.


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Photo 365 – 2/2/2010


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

This is a PLC “in action”, this is what one looks like when mounted and wired up.

This is one of 16 are in this one panel that is designed and built to run the conveyor belts in a celery plant. From washing to drying to packing and the whole 9 yards.


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Photo 365 – 2/1/2010

Giant Ice Block


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

I feel like this should be part of an stupid commercial for vodka, “We were there”

This is a giant ice cube I have at my house, the blue rubbermaid container was failed to be emptied during the last melting of snow, and it froze.

I flipped it upside down for a day so that the outside edge would melt, and then I just slid the container right off.

The coke can was put there for perspective on size.


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Photo 365 – 1/31/2010

Ugh, Screenshot


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

I know this probably doesn’t count since it is not a photo, but man, this was what my day was like and trying to get an Exchange to Google email migration accomplished.

Some really annoying quirks that just weren’t documented anywhere and took some trial and error to fix.

I really wish error messages weren’t so vague.


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Photo 365 – 1/28/2010



Originally uploaded by Nedster78

This was dinner, I cooked a really thick sirloin steak the other night, wasn’t quite a roast, but wasn’t really a steak either, so I am eating leftovers from it.

Really thinnly sliced steak, medium rare, with a little asiago cheese, a hint of fresh ground sea salt and purple onion. The bread is from a loaf of four cheese bread I picked up at Whole Foods the other day and then sliced at home.


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Photo 365 – 1/27/2010

Peanut Butter Cookies


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

The grocery store near me has some of the best peanut butter with reese’s pieces in em.

I am tortured every time I have to talk past them, fortunately I don’t get them very often.

Their deliciousness is only enhanced when mixed with vanilla ice cream.


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Photo 365 – 1/26/2010



Originally uploaded by Nedster78

The truck rolled it… rolled the 200K mile mark….

I wish I could say I had seen them all, but I haven’t. I bought the truck with about 184K miles on it, so it’s been 16K in a little over a year and a half… which now that I think about it, seems like an awful lot for something that is my second vehicle… gotta find out how much the roommate is actually using it!


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Photo 365 – 1/24/2010

Sketchy House


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

This house… looked nice in the photos online, and sounded nice… but then when you actually take a look at it… MAJOR FAIL and explains why it was listed at such a good price…

oh, and it’s also across the street from a saw mill, the oldest continuously active saw mill in the US even, according to the plaque out in front of it anyway.


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Photo 365 – 1/23/2010


Originally uploaded by Nedster78

Lead up to when the truck would turn 200,000 miles.


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