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Seriously? Really?

Hey you, yes you, I am talking to you, the person who uses Charter as their ISP from Riverside California.

Yes, I have a stat counter on my site and it picks up information when you visit me, I don’t use it for anything other than my own curiosity to see who is coming to my site and why they might be coming here, apparently the woot words and red sox players with Massachusetts town/city names are popular coming from google.

But, one of the things it tells me is the OS of the computer or device you are connecting with, and you are using Windows Vista? Really? Come on, that is a horrible operating system, you should be on either Windows XP or Windows 7, make the jump one way or the other!


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Not So Misdirected…

So, apparently my love of Wegman’s isn’t all that misdirected, they definitely are a great store, and I am definitely not the only person who thinks so. There was a recent Consumer Reports Survery that puts Wegman’s up at the top of all supermarkets in the country.

I am not surprised by this, nor am I surprised about a couple of other supermarkets up at the top which include Trader Joes and Market Basket, but I was surprised at some near the top(Costco), as well as some near the bottom(Shaw’s and Stop & Shop) but then a couple that I thought would be higher because of the cult following they have but they were just in the middle, Whole Foods.

Also really looking forward to the new Wegman’s that is coming to Burlington, it opens up in 73 days I think. I like the Northborough store, but it is kinda far to get to, and the Chestnut Hill store is actually terrible in my opinion. They made a lot of bad choices that stray from the normal things I expect from a Wegman’s store, and the whole feel and enjoyment of the store is affected by it, I won’t be going back there other than to show someone an example of a bad store to shop at for groceries.

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Old Stuff…

So I am in the process of cleaning out my MySpace account to shut it down, and realized I had almost 200 blog entries over there… YIKES… so I am sorting through those in order to see what I want to migrate over to hear…

One thing that is really annoying though, no way to export a MySpace blog…


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Shocking isn’t it? Although according to online, they will be delivered to me at my hotel by Flying Moose Delivery between 4pm and 4am.

What the fuck? it is 8:45 already!







So yeah…. my bag got into the San Francisco Airport last night, so says the online checking thingie, so I waited patiently for it, gave up and went to bed about 10pm.

I woke up this morning, called the front desk and SHOCKING no bag.

ok, this is annoying, so I called Delta.

The individual on the other end in broken English of unknown ethnicity tells me that my bag left on a flight this morning at 6am for Salt Lake City where it will get a connecting flight to Montreal Canada to be delivered to my final destination.


Sorry, he couldn’t read correctly, it is going to be getting a connecting flight from SLC to Monterrey, California since that is the closest airport to where I am staying.

SO, instead of getting my bag delivered to me last night at arond 10pm, I can expect my bag within 12 hours from when it arrives at the Carmel/Monterrey airport at NOON today.

Honestly, if I had known they were going to do this I would have had them hold the bag in San Fran and driven the hour+ back up there to get the bag last night.

I can understand no real cost to ship from one airport to another, but really… come on now, THAT DOES NOT ALWAYS MAKE SENSE!!!

ok… now to go find somewhere that is open at 7:30 in the morning to buy a pair of underwear and a shirt….

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Do You Really Wonder Why?

Ok, so I am pretty sure you all know I travel a shitload for work, and if you don’t, well I dunno what rock you have been living under for the past year.

So i always tell people how I never check bags, I always do a carry-on instead since I hate having to wait and I would be bumming if my suitcase did not make it.

However, I bought a new suitcase last night and screwed up and bought one that is too big to be a carry-on. OOPS!

So I had to check it when I got to the airport this morning, the first time for work I have had to check any luggage at all.

and SHOCKING, the bag never made it with me all the way to San Francisco! Who woulda thunk it?

Of course, I was suspicious when I got off the plane and did not bother to go wait at the carousel to see if it would come up, I just went rigt to the office, handed them my luggage receipt and asked for them to check it to see where it was. The guy then said, “oh, it is in Cincinnati, how did you know it did not make it here?”

“gut hunch is all”

“ok, well it will be here about 8:30 or so. Where are you staying?”

“In Watsonville at the Holiday Inn Express”

“Ouch, that is gonna cost us for the delivery tonight, I guess that is our fault though. Here is your free toiletry kit and your bag should be at the hotel sometime around 10, if it is not there by 10 please call.. yadda yadda yadda”

And people wonder why I never check any bags?!?!?!?

So here I am, in my hotel, waiting for my bag still….

and on a totally different note….. DAMN, FL is putting a spanking on OSU tonight!!



Not Happy with VW at the Moment

ok, so as some of if not all of you know my car is in the shop, it came down ill while in NH and started making a loud clanking noise.

I have 1500 or so miles left on my warranty, and VW does not want to fix the car under warranty because they say that it is my fault, the suspect that the damage is due to the engine running too hot, and improper oil being used, and not being changed often enough.

Now, I am a smart person, I am pretty handy, and on top of it all, I tend to be a tad frugal with my money – why should I pay someone else to do what I can do myself, right?

So, I do my own oil changes, and simple things like fuel filter, air filters, etc etc – no problem right?

I was instructed by the dealer I got my car from that I had to use a specific oil for my oil changes – Castrol Syntec(synthetic) 5W-40. Ok, no problem!

So I got the right oil and have been doing my oil changes. I even showed the quart to the mechanic and he looked at it and said, “Well, that is not the exact same stuff that we use, but it is the full synthetic, and the right type, so you should be ok”

OK, no problem right? WRONG

They want to deny my warranty because it was the wrong oil.

BUT it gets better!!!

On top of that…. they also want proof of the oil changes. They want the reciepts for oil changes at a dealer, or the jiffy lube, or the receipts for the oil and filter at someplace like AutoZone.

What? Who keeps a receipt for $30 spent at AutoZone to buy oil? I pay cash and the recipet never makes it to my car.

I was diligent about this car, I changed my oil every 3000-4000 miles, pretty damn good for me considering I usually would do it every 7000-8000 in my other cars before.

So I said that to the guy, and he tells me that in my owners manual it tells me that I need to keep documented receipts for anything like this in order for my warranty to be valid.


My car had no owners manual! I was not given one by the dealer when I bought the car!

I specifically asked if there was anything special in it, and the only thing they told me was the oil, make sure you buy the right oil and use the right oil.

yeah, VW owes me, even if my lack of using the right oil, or not having receipts for things, Why? cuz their agents – aka sales person and service person – verbally told me what I needed to know, and they left out those things.

Yeah, I will throw them under the bus if I have to, I do not care how loyal I have been to Paul Clark Ford and Volkswagon, they deserve no loyalty at this point, for these things right here, as well as what they did to Tom after his years of service.

if worse comes to worse I will sell this car I love and never go back to VW again, if they want a loyal customer, then they need to be honorable about their part of the deal.

this will be updated……

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Dear Delta

You really need to get your things figured out….

It was really nice of you to call me with the automated phone call at 6:40 this morning to tell me the flight was delayed, luckily it was only 5 minutes before my regular alarm went off, so I was not too upset at being woken from my slumber.

However, you really need to organize yourself a bit more, you told me the flight was delayed til 10:45 when you called me, but when I checked online just before 9, it was 10:30 – ok, I can see that, but when I showed up at the airport at 9:55 and went to check in, I was told the flight was leaving at 10:15.

That is not nice, I now had to run to security, cut everyone else in line and get nasty looks from them, and then sprint to the gate, and then down the stairs and then down the hallway, and they get grabbed by the ground crew cuz my bag needed to get put under the plane cuz it was a regional jet… and then get dirty looks from everyone on the plane for delaying them and being the last person to get on the plane….


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I Feel Bad

Cuz I got word that my uncle died this morning, and while it is sad, it is also a blessing from what I have heard, but I am not really upset by it. I am more upset about not being very upset.

I have not seen him in probably 10 years, and had a chance to go see him a couple weeks ago but had other things that I had to get done so I was unable to do so.

I wish I could say I have happy memories of him as a child, but I don’t.

When I think of him, the only things that come to mind are gross smelling cigars, beer, gin and tonic and how red his face and nose was all the time, along with his house that smelled funny.

So I dunno what, if anything I should be feeling at this point, I guess  it is kinda life…

Not sure on funeral arrangements yet….

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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!

So I am normally a rather laid back person, and I think anyone who knows me can agree with that, as is Lisa my friend who got tickets for us to go to the Dave Matthews Show at Fenway tonight.

Well, we may be laid back but don’t fuck with Lisa when she is trying to enjoy a show.

Yes, we are talking to you mr fat ass sweaty man who decided to take off his shirt and swing it around. You were asked nicely to stop swinging it around because you kept hitting lisa with it and she did not appreciate getting smacked with your nasty T shirt while she is trying to dance and enjoy the show.

So yes, I did go inform security about you and they warned you, they should have tossed you right then and there, but they didn’t, and you hit her again a couple more times.

Then she turned around pissed off and took the t shirt from you, and then I took it from her. Yes, it all would have been find and you could have gotten your T shirt back at the end of the show, but no, you had to be the typical drunk asshole and threaten violence. No, leaning over and whispering to me that you wanted your shirt back or you were “Gonna open up house and clean up” wasn’t really anything that was bothering me, although I did put my glasses in my pocket to prevent them from getting broken when you did decide to be an idiot.

I really think you need to go take some lessons on how to fight someone, first of all, don’t be such a pussy and take a blind shot at someone, and if you are going to take a cheap shot at someone from behind, at least learn to actually hit them, you barely grazed me! I do have a lump, but you practically missed!

Luckily for you I didn’t throw a punch, even though I could have thrown many of them, simply because I wanted to continue to enjoy the show and not have to leave.

She really is not someone you want to be fucking with at this point, if you had not been nasty disgusting human being, chances are you probably would have literally had your balls ripped from your body. You actually looked scared(I would have bene if I were you) when she was standing on the chair and screaming at you after the cheap shots you took.

No wonder some people have such a negative attitude about people from boston and the drunk assholes that exist at concerts….

and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but if you are fat, chances are you know you are fat, and honestly – please do us all 2 favors – buy clothes that actually fit and keep them on while in public!!!

On another night, I liked the show a lot, and it was fun, they even learned Sweet Caroline for everyone to sing along with!

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