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My Friendly Neighborhood Cardinal

More Cardinal

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This is my neighborhood cardinal, he has some great color and him showing up is a good sign that the birdfeeder on my kitchen window is finally starting to get some business. I like seeing the birds fly up and away, the only trouble right now is that they can see through the glass to where I am in the kitchen when I am at the sink, or anywhere in the kitchen.

I think I am going to go and look for a nice piece of film I can put over the inside of the window, that way the birds can’t see me through it, and that should allow me to enjoy watching them and also get some photos without having them fly away so quickly on me. I only managed to get these photos because I stood for 10 minutes on the other side of my kitchen with my super zoom lens!

I also have discovered that the best way to clear out the dust bits that the birds won’t eat is by using some canned air and just blowing it out, although a bunch does end up in my hair because of it.


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I Wish I Were In Denver

**Photos courtesy of Lyn


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So I was flying home from Las Vegas after a lovely stay in Salt Lake City for a couple days….. yeah… that was exciting…

but there was a really cool thing that I got to see on the way home, while flying over eastern Colorado (I was on JetBlue so I got to see the tracker thing on my screen so I knew where I was) there were severe thunderstorms, luckily we were flying well above them so they did not affect the flight and being a smooth flight.

It was really one of the coolest things I have gotten to see, it looked like the 4th of July in the sky below, there were flashes one after another, almost constantly, you could see up to 8 different ones all going at once. Sometimes just seeing the clouds being lit up, and sometimes seeing the actual bolts shooting  between the clouds.

It was kind of like watching an old movie where they are bombing a city at night, and you are in the bombers. You see the flashes lighting up the sky and clouds below you. If I did not know what it was, I would have thought someone was bombing colorado.

It was truly one of the coolest things I have ever seen, unfortunately it kept me awake for WAY too long because I watched it for well over 2 hours, and then again over Ohio I think it was where there were some more storms, but not as big as the ones out in Colorado.

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Walkin in a Winter Wonderland


How fabulous was today’s snow? It was BEE YOU TEA FULL outside, cold but nice. The snow was dry and light and fluffy, terrible for a snowball but great to shovel!

Driving was not too bad, I dropped the roomie off at the T so he could go get his car, and then tailgated the plows on the way home, but not before going into a parking lot and doing some donuts and just plain having some fun with it all.

Still have some more shoveling to do tomorrow, but most of it is done today.

Still loving my stove, cooked a pizza in it today and it was wonderful!!

No real work for me tomorrow, some more development work at home, the trip to Springfield was called off since the other consultant is still on the west coast, his flight into Hartford was Cancelled.


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So My Neighbor is a Dinkus

So everyone knows about the snow we got last Monday I think it was, 6 or 7 inches and then some rain on top of it.

So I was not working so I wait til it stopped to go out and shovel, Why shovel more than once right?

So I am out there, I have 24-28 inches at the end of my driveway from the plows plowing the street so I am out there shoveling and busting my ass shoveling out the end of my driveway since the roomie is at work. I see my neighbor come outside and climb into his Bobcat, and clear his driveway, and the neighbor’s driveway directly across from his driveway.

He looks at me, and waves and shouts hello.

Then parks the bobcat and goes inside his house.

What the hell?!?!

Help a guy out!!!!

Cold day in hell when he gets any help from me with anything anymore!


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