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People Are Funny Sometimes…

So our flight outta Boston was delayed this morning and there were a ton of people on it who were getting connecting flights to places like St. Thomas, Montego Bay, Antigua, etc etc…

As soon as we landed, the cell phones were flipped out and they were on the phone with US Air to find out about re-booking or what they were going to do to fix the problem etc etc etc…

Geez people, why not wait til we at least park at the gate and you find out if your flights have actually left already? Are you not aware that there is always a ripple effect and they will delay flights leaving if there are a large number of people on another flight which is delayed in getting there. We are not the only flight, there are lots of other flights.

Relax, you are on a vacation! Stop stressing out!

but yeah… it is 12:30, I arrived in Philly at 10:30 and I am leaving on an 8:30 flight.

I would go rent a car and drive to Westfield, PA(Middle of F’in nowhere by the way) but that will take me 6 hours, and not like i would be able to actually do any work once I get there, so screw it…. I will sit here, eat my free dinner later on and surf the web….

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Good Ole Bentley…

Kinda funny video by a kid at Bentley…

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Humor… Radio in MN…

That accent you heard in Fargo, yeah, totally represents things out here.

Not to say that people do not make fun of the Boston accent, but to listen to 3 or 4 people talking about things on the radio and hearing that inflection and phrase….

“ohhh yaaaa” repeatedly over and over again while discussing pop stars and Hollywood is rather humorous to listen to, and then you throw in some uber christian sub content to it and you have a grand old time.

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I Saw The Best License Plate!


that was it!

I think it would be perfect for me!!

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I Have No Problem…

If you want to smoke… that is your choice… I won’t stop you…

If you want to read a map… that is your choice… I won’t stop you….

If you want to drink a cup of coffee… that if your choice… I won’t stop you….


Especially if I am in the lane next to you, between you and an 18 Wheeler. I don’t really like slamming on my brakes because you decide you want to change lanes in CT in your Purple Saturn SL2 from Maryland while smoking a cigarette, drinking a cup of coffee, and reading a map cuz you have no clue where you are!!

I will never understand that about some people, don’t you look at a map before you leave the house or where ever it is you start from? When you get onto a major highway don’t you look to see what number exit you need to get off at? Do you really need to keep the map on your steering wheel while driving because you are so unsure about where you are going? Exits don’t just sneak up on you!!! They have signs warning you that they are coming up, some even a mile or 2 before you actually get there! They are numbered and they are even in NUMERICAL ORDER!!! HOLY SHIT!! HOW SHOCKING IS THAT?!?!

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While this number and letter combination is usually a really really really great thing and I am totally excited when I come across it, when it is my seat on an airplane, which means the back and an Aisle, I can’t say I like it too much, especially on a 6 hours SFO to Newark flight.

Not only did the people in seats A and B need to get up at least a dozen times each, they could not co-ordinate their leaving of the seats, and also some people feel the need to bang into other people while making their way to the bathroom on the plane.



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Severe Pet Peeve

Ok, now I know there are all kinds of conspiracy etc etc about 9/11 and what people think really happened, this is not a blog about that or their beliefs.

This is about all those Americans out there who are trying to prove how great of an American they are by showing off the flag of our country.

There are few things in this world that bother me, and the treatment of our nations flag is one of them, whether you want to uphold your right to free speech and protest by doing things like burning it or other forms of desecration, well I suppose that is your right, but honestly, you are one fucked up individual if you chose to do things like that. That flag is not just some random material that was thrown together, it is a symbol of our country, our fight for freedom, the blood spilled by our forefathers who made it possible for us to exist in this country the way we do today.

You may think that desecrating this symbol is a protest about our government in this day and age, but it really is not anything of the sort, that flag is not a symbol of what our leaders are doing in the present day, that flag is a symbol of what our forefathers were able to accomplish for us, and what those soldiers a long time ago volunteered for and paid for with their own blood.

it is not a symbol of WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Iraq I, Iraq II or any other confrontation that our country has been in within the last century, it is a symbol of our forefathers from the revolutionary war, and a symbol of the way our country sticks together when it has to.

There are specific rules on when and how a flag should be displayed and honored at all times, as well as how it should be folded, stored, as well as the proper upkeep of our flag.

If you have any questions about anything that involves our flag, feel free to ask me and I will be happy to explain the proper way that it can and should be displayed, how it needs to be folded, stored, and if one becomes torn, tattered, or dirty, the proper way to retire a flag, or the proper people to give it to in order to allow it to be properly retired with the respect it deserves.

for reference:

These people are NOT being patriotic with their use of the flag, no matter how good their intentions are, their actions undermine their intent and their pseudo-patriotism.

These are clear examples of improper methods of display of a flag, and a disgusting desecration of our flag to suit their political agenda.

A link for the US code which describes proper care and display requirements for our flag.

Proper Flag Treatment

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Cool Crowd VS. Weird Crowd?

From what I can tell here in California, the cool kids hang out at the In and Out Burger on Friday nights, take up space, make a mess, and eat fries and burgers while drinking as much free refill soda as they can..

and the weirdo crowd… well from what I can tell…. they work at In and Out Burger, cooking the cool kids food, taking their money, and cleaning up their mess.

Interesting dynamic I think, don’t you?

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Here Is How It All Went Down

I apologize if any exact details are left out but you get the idea….

Friday night, my sister and BF went out for dinner to a Thai place they go to all the time.

They are having their dinner and have been making jokes and comments about the “crazy guy” in the kitchen through the course of the night.

So they are talking about their up coming trip to Jamaica and her BF throws out a question to her.

“What if while we were down there we just ran over to Grand Cayman and got married?”

My sister responds “We can’t do that, you know my family, they would kill me if I ever did something like that”

“Ok, but you did not answer the other part of the question about us getting married”

“Well, we can cross that bridge when we come to it”

“What bridge?”

“You know, that bridge, the one really high up over a deep dark precipice that is shaky and make of planks and rope and sways a lot in the wind. That bridge”

“Oh, ok….. What the hell is he doing in there?” *Looks towards kitchen*

She turns around to look at the kitchen and says “What are you talking about?”

She turns back around to face him and sitting on her plate of noodles is a small little wrapped up box….

and well, that is all of the story that I got…

I think it was a pretty smooth way for things to go down!

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Ok, So the Series of Events…

My sister is getting a whole bunch of kitchen cabinets from my aunt because she is doing a remodel of a house down in Mattapoisett that my cousins bought together.

So I went to my mom’s house to meet up with my sister and my mom to get a truck and go get them and bring them back, in the mean time my sister and her boyfriend met me there so that I could give them back the noise canceling headphones I borrowed to see if I wanted to spend the $50 on a pair of Sony, or spend the $300 on a pair of Bose or Brookstone.

So I get there and everyone is in the kitchen, I take the headphones out of my bag and my sister puts out her hand palm down to get them from me. Since the Brookstone ones were in a case with a caribiner on them and the sony were in a bag, I had attached them together. So in being the person I am, I hung them by the string across her middle finger.

She turns to her BF and says something, “See what I mean?”

My other sister then reaches over, and moves them from the middle finger to the finger next to it, and says “So how did you like those headphones?”

I start off into an explanation about which ones I liked and did not like and I am interrupted slightly by my sister’s BF who says “It is a family trait isn’t it?”

I stop and look at them and say “What do you mean by that? Because I connected and attached together the 2 things I was going to give you?”

At this point they all shake their heads and my other sister then grabs me and my head and pulls me forward and puts my face about 2 inches from my sisters hand and says “How bout them headphones”

To which I then pause, realize that the headphones were not really what they were talking about.

My response now……


Sitting on my sisters left ring finger(the one my other sister moved the headphones to) is a quite large multi-diamond ring glistening in the poor lighting of my mother’s kitchen.

She got engaged the night before, and was attempting to be subtle to make me notice the ring, yeah, it did not work. This seems to be a trend with women lately, and I will cover that in another blog.

So now I get the back story, and realize exactly why my sister’s BF, now fiance, made the comment about it being a family trait. Both my mother and my sister did not realize that she had the ring on either when she walked in and was pointing around and asking ridiculous questions about where to put George’s(her dog) food for when he goes to my mom’s house to be dog sat while they were in Jamaica in a couple weeks.

Yeah, for some reason my family is all oblivious to subtlety like that, we get fixated on a task and block out things that don’t really matter or pertain to the task at hand, this is both a good thing and a bad thing at times I suppose, but at least we get the job done!

I heard the story about how he did it and I will share that in another blog later, it was kind of a nice and cute story.

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