My Time in Mexico

Well, I have spent a week in Mexico and it was interesting to say the least.

I have discovered that immersion does work, as long as you have some sort of background, I was actually able to remember quite a bit of the Spanish I learned while in school that I normal cannot even come close to remembering, but since I was in it, it just kind of came to me which was nice, not perfect, but respectable.

My room in the hotel, was satisfactory, very small, but it did not need to be big to do it’s job, a bed, a counter along the window for a desk, a TV and a bathroom.

The bathroom was interesting, it had no tub like most hotels, but it had a shower, with a real door on it, a clear glass door at that instead of a frosted door or something else. Also, the toilet was interesting as well, the flush was attached to the wall behind it and there were 2 options, a light flush and a heavy flush. I am going to assume you can figure out the purposes of each.

Food was good, I had a decent wide variety while here, some tacos, some regular dishes, and I stuck mostly to chicken since I can be rather picky about my other meats at times, so chicken is usually the safest.

The company I was at is nice, very nice people and a comfortable environment. The one really neat thing was how they deal with lunch, anyone who works in the office versus out in the shops, gets to go to the “cantina” every day for lunch where the company provides them a lunch as part of their salary. The food was really good and the options and extra nice as well, each day was a chicken or beef option with a different type of rice and 2 kinds of soup as well. Then on the tables there are corn tortillas and bread, as well as a small salad bar with fresh cut fruit. I had Jamaican Water while there, it is made from a Jamaica flower and it similar to a fruit punch like flavor, only not so, if that makes sense.

Taxi drivers are insane, but I think that goes for anywhere in the world. The only gripe I have is that not a single taxi I was in had any seat belts in the back seat for me!

Walmart, Home Depot, McDonalds, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Dominos all have a good strong presence in Mexico, not sure if that is good or bad though.

I watched tv most nights since I was told not to venture too far from the hotel, and I was able to catch some of “Latin American Idol” and wowsers…. the language doesn’t really matter, bad singers are bad singers no matter what the language.

There was a mall right next to the hotel, pretty typical like most in the US except for the Ferris wheel, and mini roller coaster in it, as well as a lot racing track for people to use. The only 2 major differences were the smoking inside the mall and in the food court, which is pretty non-existent in the US(at least near me) and the number of people, not teenagers, but people in general hanging out and making out with someone in the mall. To each their own I guess!

ummmmm there is probably more but I forget what….

and I did buy tequila! I have 4 bottles to share with people and 3 of them are mezcal, 2 with the WORM in it!

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