What The Flying F People?

Ok, can no one in New Jersey drive?

First off, you are worse at merging than any other place I have ever been, there is a lane for you to get up to speed with the rest of the road for a reason, USE IT! and drive more than 10MPH in it!

Second, What the hell is up with everyone stopping at the end of an on-ramp onto the highway? I can see once in awhile being stuck behind someone who does, but I have witnessed it at least 5 times and i have not even been in the state 24 hours yet!

Third, I just saw 4 accidents in less than 3 miles on Rt 17, and not just fender bender bumps either, 3 of the 4 were real accidents with 3 or more vehicles!

Fourth, Where the hell are the Chinese food restaurants?!?!?

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