How Do You Start Off a Crappy Day?

Go down to breakfast, get a nice big heaping plate of fresh sliced fruit and some yogurt and a fresh made waffle with strawberries on it.

Then, on the way to your table, trip and drop the waffle on the floor with the strawberries and whipped cream down, and then when you get to the table with the fruit, you take a nice big bite and there is the very strong flavor of dirt on the fruit, the cantaloupe, the honeydew, the pineapple, and the strawberries.

and the OJ had waaay too much pulp, some pulp is ok, but when you need to chew your OJ because of the volume of pulp… that is just wrong and gross.

but the danish that I took with me out the door was tasty at least, so that slightly made up for it all.

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