Vacation, Vacation, Vacation!!

Aren’t vacations the most wonderful things ever? The separation from reality, the escape from the daily grind of work and home, the freedom to not be on a schedule. That last one may not always be true though, especially if you are on vacation with my mom or oldest sister where a plan and schedules seem like they are completely unavoidable under all circumstances.

I spent last week on vacation and it was wonderful, it was a trip down to Washington DC to see the Nation’s Capitol as well as watch the Red Sox play the Washington Nationals at National’s Park.

I went down with Kate for the week on time away from home that didn’t involve family for once, a truly unique experience!

We went down via the Acela Express instead of driving or flying. I personally love to travel by train, I find it relaxing and just a real nice way to travel. It cost a little bit more than flying, but there was so much less stress by not havingt to deal with getting in and out of Logan, Dulles, or Reagan. It takes about the same amount of time as driving, but no stress with traffic, you can sleep if you want, and you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for parking once you are down there. Plus, who needs a car while in Washington? There is plenty to do with just a little walking and the Metro.

Overall the week was awesome, lots of photos were taken, many of which will be uploaded at some point soon, but I took about 3000 of them over the course of the week, so I need to trim down that number to a reasonable amount to upload, I have it down to just under 1000 right now, but I need to gleen a few more before I actually upload them.

Nat’s Park is beautiful and the city is overall beautiful as well. It’s been 15+ years since I was there on the St. Seb’s junior class trip to Washington. I didn’t see that much when there that time though, I think more time was spent playing Frisbee than anything else.

I love the buildings down there, just seeing their size and ominous presence makes you feel so small in comparison, and not just the Smithsonian buildings, but all the buildings are big. They take up full blocks with just 1 building instead of multiple buildings of different styles all crammed into a single block.

There is more, but I am gonna make those their own entries… I would suggest anyone goes back to Washington if it has been awhile, lots has changed and you may find you have a new appreciation for it.

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