Photo 365 – 1/5/2010

Fenway Mound


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1/5/2010 – Everyone has seen this before, just not like this.

This is the pitcher’s mound at Fenway Park. I was standing right by it while taking pictures at the St’ Sebastian’s vs Belmont Hill game at Fenway Park. I was going to walk onto it to take a photo looking at home plate, but I chose not to since I thought I might get tackled by security for doing so.

The game was awesome, I thought that St. Sebastian’s had it locked up, but they haad a couple of bad penalties while up 5-2, which led to 2 goals making it 5-4. Then Belmont Hill tied it up with 5 seconds remaining in the 3rd period to send the game into overtime where they would score another goal less than 30 seconds into overtime.

Their side of the crowd loved it, the taunting was loud.

I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the St. Seb’s crowd, they were not nearly as loud, and didn’t do anywhere near the same level of taunting as the Belmont Hill crowd.

Gotta get them to know how to do better trash talking…

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