Photo 365 – 1/1/2010



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My first photo in my attempt to do a photo365, this is the out building at a house in Marlboro. We strolled by and we kinda sketchy looking while we checked out the house. We had no appointment to see the inside, we just wanted to check out the outside and see what the neighborhood and area was like.

Overall, a nice area and even though one side of the house was on a fairly busy road, the height of the property above the road seems to cut out most noise. The house is also on a corner, but it seems like most headlights aren’t a problem either due to the property height.

I think this garage/workshop is probably one of the coolest features of the house which already has several cool features to it. I can just imagine the possibilities of this for storage of stuff, along with a nice area to work on projects without having to worry about being all cleaned up to make dinner or use the area for something else.

We are only starting the search process, and it’s highly unlikely that we would ever actually end up at this house, but you need to start somewhere!


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