Might Be The Funniest Spam Ever…

Below is a picture of the text of a SPAM email that came to my spam folder today. I like to peruse through my spam filter once in awhile to see what kind of crap is going through it… this one is a gem… it’s a new spin on the whole lottery/inheritance type of scam coming out of foreign countries. You get $800K for simply paying the $126 wire charge fees.

The funniest part of this entire thing, is that they are trying to convince you that the email is coming from the FBI as part of a current investigation.

I totally believe it, I mean, why wouldn’t a person who works at a bank or at the FBI be using a hotmail.com email address when notifying and dealing with transactions well in excess of half a million bucks?

I honestly wonder exactly how gullible some people must be to actually fall for these scams. I put the email into a picture so that I don’t end up with a ton of stupid search engine results from the content of the email.

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