Ups and Downs…

So, about a month ago, I woke up with a sore foot. There was absolutely no reason for me to have the sore foot.

While I am clumsy or careless sometimes and do injure myself quite often because of that, I always at least know how or why I get the injury I do, and I am more than happy to relay whatever that funny story might be.

Well, there was no funny story, I just woke up and my foot was sore. So I took some Advil and went about my day at work, sitting in my office, getting up 2 or 3 times to get lunch, a beverage, play with the cats, or empty the liquid cargo hold.

Then the next day, wow, it hurt, I could barely walk so much it hurt, so I tried to stay off it as much as possible and I did. Then eventually my girlfriend insisted that I spend the day on the couch and not move at all, keeping my foot elevated. I did this like a good little soldier, even though it’s against anything and everything in my nature to do. I can’t stand sitting around when there are things I could and should be doing.

So it still hurt but not as much, so i went to the dr to get it checked out. He couldn’t find anything structurally wrong after examining me and some x-rays.

He decided to give me a set of inserts to wear in my sneakers and they totally fixed my issues.

Now i just need to wear my sneakers more often instead of being barefoot or wearing other stuff for a majority of time, annoying but doable.

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