National Parks

So, I have always loved the wilderness, and until a couple years ago, I had only been to a couple National Parks, while I had been to a fair number of National Forests and Landmarks.

So the National Park Service turned 100 just last week, and my friend Jenn is crazy(in all the best ways) about the national parks and after my trip last year, I realize I kinda am as well.

So I was curious how many there were, and there are not as many as I thought, but there are also a lot of National Forests, National Conservation Areas, National Grasslands and National Monuments as well.

So I decided to track them and the ones I have seen. So I did what came natural to me, I made a spreadsheet!! Who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet, right?!? So here is my spreadsheet for you, I will probably update it at some point, but you can download it HERE. That is an Excel spreadsheet, I keep a copy of mine in Google Docs so I can update it from wherever and i don’t need to worry about losing it either.

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