Some Things To Share

Alrighty….. first order of business, I have been in Houston the past couple days and it sounds just weird and “wrong” but I have been driving a Vibe around for the past few days. Doesn’t that just sound dirty?

Next up… Road Signs in Houston, TX suck, period, plain and simple. No advance notice that the route you want to get on is there, and the signs that are there are TINY! I had to cut off at least 6 people in my driving around.

Also, I swear they teach people how to intentionally drive in a blind spot in TX, you don’t see them til it is almost too late

Now I am in Detroit, well Michigan, I flew into Detroit. I flew Continental, last time I do that unless I am first class. The seats were completely uncomfortable, I was in an exit row but there was no extra leg room! AND my seat was not able to recline WTF! and the headrests on the seats did not have those little fold out things that hold your head so you can sleep sitting up. To top it off we got a “snack” if it can be called that, it was a turkey sandwich which was about the size of 2 donut holes with 1 slice of turkey in it. AND unlike every other airline, they don’t give you a whole can of soda, you only get a mini 7oz cup of Soda, but with ice, you end up with about 2 or 3 sips of soda,also you have to buy headphones if you want to watch the movie or listen to the piped in music. The highlight of the entire flight was the Halloween sized packet of Skittles that came with the sandwich, how lame is that?

now I am in Michigan… and I heard a rather disturbing radio commercial, it was for a strip joint. $1000 top prize for the winner of the soon to be mom bikini contest, “Jump start that child’s college fund” – “Guys, no cover charge if you bring a package of diapers” What kind of people do this?!?

Ugh… time for bed…..


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