Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!

So I am normally a rather laid back person, and I think anyone who knows me can agree with that, as is Lisa my friend who got tickets for us to go to the Dave Matthews Show at Fenway tonight.

Well, we may be laid back but don’t fuck with Lisa when she is trying to enjoy a show.

Yes, we are talking to you mr fat ass sweaty man who decided to take off his shirt and swing it around. You were asked nicely to stop swinging it around because you kept hitting lisa with it and she did not appreciate getting smacked with your nasty T shirt while she is trying to dance and enjoy the show.

So yes, I did go inform security about you and they warned you, they should have tossed you right then and there, but they didn’t, and you hit her again a couple more times.

Then she turned around pissed off and took the t shirt from you, and then I took it from her. Yes, it all would have been find and you could have gotten your T shirt back at the end of the show, but no, you had to be the typical drunk asshole and threaten violence. No, leaning over and whispering to me that you wanted your shirt back or you were “Gonna open up house and clean up” wasn’t really anything that was bothering me, although I did put my glasses in my pocket to prevent them from getting broken when you did decide to be an idiot.

I really think you need to go take some lessons on how to fight someone, first of all, don’t be such a pussy and take a blind shot at someone, and if you are going to take a cheap shot at someone from behind, at least learn to actually hit them, you barely grazed me! I do have a lump, but you practically missed!

Luckily for you I didn’t throw a punch, even though I could have thrown many of them, simply because I wanted to continue to enjoy the show and not have to leave.

She really is not someone you want to be fucking with at this point, if you had not been nasty disgusting human being, chances are you probably would have literally had your balls ripped from your body. You actually looked scared(I would have bene if I were you) when she was standing on the chair and screaming at you after the cheap shots you took.

No wonder some people have such a negative attitude about people from boston and the drunk assholes that exist at concerts….

and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but if you are fat, chances are you know you are fat, and honestly – please do us all 2 favors – buy clothes that actually fit and keep them on while in public!!!

On another night, I liked the show a lot, and it was fun, they even learned Sweet Caroline for everyone to sing along with!

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  1. #1 by Lisa Lisa on 2006/07/09 - 2:40 AM

    Direct quotes from some of the women around us:

    #1 – “I just had to come and tell you that you are my new hero!”

    #2 – “I’m pregnant and I was ready to come beat the shit out of him!”

    I just hope I left some marks….  In addition to the huge egg on my right knee, the bang up on my left leg, and the swollen spot under my left eye, the bastard made me break a nail!!!

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