I Rarely Get Really Annoyed With Things…

but I really have to say that the double standards that some people have and their attitudes about the internet really piss me off.

“oh, it is just the internet, it doesn’t matter what I say”

“oh get over it, it is just the internet”

“Of course I would be pissed off if someone said that about my sister, but she is not my sister and she is not your sister, so why do you care what I say about her?”

Are people really this stupid? Do they really believe that just because it is “only the internet” that they have some sort of free pass to say whatever they want about whoever they want and not have to respect anyone because of that?

and what the hell is with people who can make dirty, disgusting, creepy, and disturbing comments about someone that they would absolutely in no way ever have the guts to actually say in person to someone in the real world but yet get totally pissed off if someone else says the exact same things about their sister or mother? I call that a double standard, but these people seem to deny that it is a double standards.

What the hell? and people really wonder why our society is the way it is?

wake the hell up and look in the mirror you F***** Morons!!!

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