I Need To Go To The Middle Of Nowhere More Often!

I am not staying in a hotel this evening like I normally do… tonight I am staying in the guesthouse of the company I am installing at. now when I first heard this I was a bit apprehensive since I have heard about other “guest houses” that other consultants have stayed it.

just like a normal hotel room, I have my own room and I have my own bathroom.

However, this place is AWESOME, the only thing it is missing is a hot tub out back.

There is a pool room with big screen TV outside of my bedroom, also has a nordic track and a lifecycle and a drum set.

Then downstairs there is a huge flat screen TV, I think it has to be 60 inches, DVD, cable, multiple couches, slot machines, big dining room, and an awesome kitchen that I wish I had.

There is also a deck out back that is cool and has a really nice grill on it.

The fridge and bar are completely stocked and I was told to help myself to a beer or wine or whatever I wanted. Plenty of snacks and everything around as well.

I don’t live this well at home!!

So I am playing pool, drinking a plain coke, watching law and order and have internet access. I like this much better than a hotel room!

The batteries are charging for my camera so I can take some pictures later on of this place.


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