Nice Cool, New Toy, With Great Timing!

So I broke down and bought myself a Slingbox…

If you know what they are, they are pretty damn cool, if you do not, well here comes the techie explanation.

It is a small component that I have plugged in at home, it connects to my cable line, and then has a network cord that connects to my router for internet access.

Now, anytime I have an internet connection, I can turn on the Slingbox software, and it will connect me to the slingbox sitting at my house and I can watch tv on my laptop using that cable connection. Neat huh? So now, while I am stuck at the airport, I can watch tv, any channel I have at home, I can flip through and watch.

The key thing and first reason for buying this device is for Red Sox games. Since I am traveling all of the time I miss an absolute ton of games since they are either not nationally televised or I am in an area that has no NESN service, not to mention missing out on the day games because I am at work.



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