People Are Funny Sometimes…

So our flight outta Boston was delayed this morning and there were a ton of people on it who were getting connecting flights to places like St. Thomas, Montego Bay, Antigua, etc etc…

As soon as we landed, the cell phones were flipped out and they were on the phone with US Air to find out about re-booking or what they were going to do to fix the problem etc etc etc…

Geez people, why not wait til we at least park at the gate and you find out if your flights have actually left already? Are you not aware that there is always a ripple effect and they will delay flights leaving if there are a large number of people on another flight which is delayed in getting there. We are not the only flight, there are lots of other flights.

Relax, you are on a vacation! Stop stressing out!

but yeah… it is 12:30, I arrived in Philly at 10:30 and I am leaving on an 8:30 flight.

I would go rent a car and drive to Westfield, PA(Middle of F’in nowhere by the way) but that will take me 6 hours, and not like i would be able to actually do any work once I get there, so screw it…. I will sit here, eat my free dinner later on and surf the web….

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