Are You Ferserious?

Now, I understand that some people have allergies etc, and I can see some special accommodations  being made by companies for people who are allergic to certain things.

but today, i think things went a bit far with this while on a United flight serviced by Ted.

Someone had a peanut allergy and there were no peanuts or anything with any type of peanut ingredients allowed on the entire plane.

What the hell? The guy sitting next to me got yelled at by the stewardess for eating a snickers bar, and another person was told they had to put their reese’s pieces away immediately and not open them again until they were off the plane.

They would not tell us where the person was seated, I could totally understand asking anyone near this person to not eat any, but if this person is in the last row of the plane, then why not let the people in the front eat a snickers or some reese’s pieces on the flight?

Honestly, if you have that severe an allergy, contemplate some other solution to travel or get yourself a bubble or something like that.


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