Creamy Shanghai Rub…

Shanghai Rub

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While the title makes this sound like something dirty you get in a massage parlor, it’s really anything but that.

I picked up this dry rub spice at the Christmas Tree Shop while I was there picking up a dried, sliced jar of garlic made by the same company, of course I also ended up getting some sea salt as well. I mean, who can pass up sale spices, right?

So, I tried this out on some pork chops last week, I shook it on them, let them sit a day and then grilled them. They were delicious!

Then, I tried this on some chicken breasts, only this time I didn’t leave em dry, I mixed it with some olive oil and let it sit for 36 hours before I grilled it. It was delicious with a side of mashed potatoes for a meal.

Then I had some chicken left over and wanted to experiment. I boiled some rotini, chopped the chicken up into cubes, and added it to a casserole dish with a mild Three Brothers Alfredo sauce. Granted, I would totally prefer to make it from scratch, but really it’s time I don’t have, so Three Brothers it is.

I thinned out the Alfredo with a little whole milk and covered it with tin foil and dropped it into the oven at 425.

I let it cook for awhile and then when it was mostly hot all the way through, I topped it with a mix of shredded parmesian, romano, and mozzarella cheese and put it back in for a few minutes.

Once the cheese browned up slightly, I took it out and warmed it up, it was awesome! The spice from this combined with the flavor of the alfredo just a little bit and gave a nice creamy and spicy mix to the meal.

I think some fresh garlic bread woulda made it perfect, but there are leftovers so it will be explored for lunch.

For the company who makes/imports the spice…. you can go here:

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