To Semi Quote Denny Green – “It was what I thought it was”

That’s what I have to say about the Mexican Place called Hacienda’s here in Warsaw, IN.

It was exactly what I was expecting from a mexican resteraunt here in the state if Indiana.

I got the fajitas, tough to really screw it up… and they did not but it just was severely underwhelming of a meal… I skipped the beans, and no peppers with the fajitas.

I got 3 strips of chicken, and 5 strips of steak. but they gave me 5 fajitas wraps. Do they really think I can stretch that out to many wraps? Also, the onions, normally you would expect some nice slices or rings all saute’d up? Not at this place! Super high class! Ya know those micro-sized diced onions you get on a McDonald’s hamburger? Picture those saute’d up underneath my heaping portions of meat. Yeah, that REALLY got me all kinds of excited when it arrived to the table!!

The salsa tasted more like Hunts Tomato paste mixed with some jalapeno juice…


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