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This is a photo of a large land carving machine…

This is a sign of things that I have been waiting for since last year, I have all my permits and I have finally got a reliable person who has been able to do the digging I needed done to my yard.

Thanks to Wayne, the digging has been done and I am now capable of actually being able to build my walls. Yes, not just one wall but multiple walls. I have the two tiered wall out by the street, and then I have the wall down the side of the house along the property line.

Both of these are now dug(dugged?) and I have stone laid in the trench along the side of the house, and the first railroad tie laid in the front of the house.

Work is underway! I hope to have all the project done by the end of Labor Day weekend. Once that part of the project is done, I can work on the “finish” work of putting in some flower, putting in some stairs, and having the cinder block wall extension and the side of my front door stairs re-stucco’d.

Then come september or october, Wayne is dropping off a whole bunch of loam for me, and I am going to try to get my front yard back to being a lawn again…. how cool will that be?

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