My Bag of Crap Has Arrived!

Just got my Bitchin Oval Candelabra(aka Bag of Crap from, along with some strange looks from co-workers when I opened it up and was excited about it.

It contained…

– 1 Set of Woot Off Lights
-The 3 DVDS, Blades of Glory, SuperBad, and Team America
– 1 Paid of Phillips Maximum Personal Enjoyment Headphones
– 1 the 52 Page full color book with 4 LP Record collection 50 Years of The Magical Music of Walt Disney, the Special Commemorative Edition
– 1 Matsunichi 8″ Digital Picture frame
– 1 Sansa Cable
– 1 C3PO Bobblehead
– 3 Wine Bags
– 1 Empty Dr. Pepper Can
– 1 Envelope made out of mini bubbles of Texas Air

I’m happy with it 🙂

This is my second Boggy Old Creature from Woot! THANKS!

The Disney Records, I think this is actually from 1978, but it’s still “sealed”, I am actually intrigued and mildly excited about this. I just need to get a record player now…

The Sansa Cable, awesome since I got 7(6 that work) Sansas in my last Boggy Old Creature but only 1 Cable, I have since traded 1 2GB Sansa for a cable, so now I have 3 cables for 5 working Sansas

This will give me something to do with the useless 512MB Fuji xD card I have left over from an old Fuji Digital Camera that broke.

and I don’t drink wine, does this mean I should start?

July 2009 Bag of Crap!


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