So, I Have Realized I Truly Am An Addict…

So I, like many many people out there play fantasy football, baseball, hockey, basketball, NFL Pick-ems, NCAA Tournament Pick ems and I enjoy it.

While I have gotten better and no longer play fantasy PGA golf, Beat the Streak hits/HR/Wins, Fantasy NASCAR, Suvival Football, Salary Cap Football, and I only play Yahoo Fantasy games at this point, keeping up with CBS, MLB, NFL, ESPN, and other sites is just too much work…

So maybe I am on the road to a cure? Probably not though with my latest escapade…

Now, there are always different types of leagues, baseball has points, head to head, and rotisseries style leagues, and football has the same, minus rotisserie.

I have always kinda wondered what it would be like if everyone picked a team and just took players from that one team for their fantasy team, and how that would work out. Would the “best team” get the most points or win in a Head to Head lineup every week? The same as they would in a regular game?

Well, I have decided to test my theory a little bit…

I am in the process of building 2 Fantasy Football leagues, both points leagues, one for the AFC and one for the NFC. I would put them all in one league, but I am limited to only 20 teams per league, so I can’t put them all in one league, annoying, but life I guess.

So I setup the leagues the following way.
Passing Yards – 25 per point
Passing TDs – 6 points
Interceptions – -1 point
Sack – -1
Rushing Yards – 10 per point
Rushing TDs – 6 points
Reception Yards – 10 per point
Reception TDs – 6 points
Return Yards – 50 per point
Return TDs – 6 points
1 Point Conversion – 2 points
Fumbles Lost – -2 points

FG 0-19 – 3 points – I still don’t see how this is even possible, but that’s another story.
FG 20-29 – 3 points
FG 30-39 – 3 points
FG 40-49 – 4 points
FG 50+ – 5 points
FG Missed 30-39 – -1 point
PA Made – 1 point
PA Missed – -5 this is a gimme point, so yeah, penalize em for it.

Defense/Special Teams
Sack – 1 point
Interception – 2 points
Fumble Recovery – 2 points
TD – 6 points
Safety – 2 points
Blocked Kick – 2 points
0 points – 10 points
1-6 points – 7 points
7-13 points – 4 points
14-20 points – 1 point
21-27 points – 0 points
28-34 points – -1 point
35+ points – -4 points

I have each team setup with 2 QB, 3 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 1 K, 1 Def

I am going to play each team each week with the players based on their depth chart in the positions.

Fortunately, I can control all rosters through the commissioners account, but I still had to create 16 different Yahoo accounts in order to do this… but fortunately I have this domain which makes it real easy to create a whole bunch of email accounts to get this done…

Plus, I couldn’t use my normal Yahoo account for any of this, I mean, that could screw up my historical ranking if I did that by artificially inflating my success or failures, and no one wants that…

Wait… do I need to go to rehab now?

UPDATE: I said screw it and I am not doing this… it no longer sounds fun or interesting to me…

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