So yeah… SPAM is always interesting, and i know it can be pretty funny at times to just read it for the parts that are in there in an attempt to get it past SPAM filters. For some reason Spammers like to SPAM their sites and services in comment on blogs, I guess I never realized this.

Along with message board SPAM, I really can’t figure out how this can be a profitable way for someone to make money, then again I often wonder how email SPAM can really be that profitable as well, but then again I also constantly underestimate the gullibility and ignorance of our general population. So maybe this is a way that people are actually able to make money.

Well, either way, I have decided to re-post the portions of the attempted SPAM comments which were meant to try to circumvent SPAM filters, but the one SPAM filter they fail to account for is me, TheNed, the ultimate SPAM filter.

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