Ahhh, Arrived at Last!

Well, I was up nice and early this morning to finish packing and get to the airport….

That went off with no problem, the problem came when the plane I was supposed to be getting on decided to have it’s left engine stop working, in Washington DC at Dulles. SO, what was supposed to be a 11:55 flight, turned into a 2:15 flight, which meant that I could not make my connection in Chicago at 3:30…. so I ended up scheduled for a 5:05 flight instead….

On a positive note, I decided to skip taking up the option to jump onto the 1:35 flight to Chicago which was getting quite full and I would lose my window seat…. Plus, what is a half hour anyway? I will still make the connection to my flight in Chicago either way…..

It was a very unique experience when the 2:15 flight actually ended up leaving, IT WAS PACKED! 11 people on the flight! They felt bad about the delay so we got a free meal, a turkey wrap which was pretty tasty actually, and hit the spot just right.

It was nice to have an entire row to myself for the flight, the only trouble were the 2 dinks sitting in the row in front of me, 2 wise ass wannabe power execs talking to each other how they were god’s gifts to their company, the exact type where you want to just slap them across the back of the head and tell them to shut the fuck up and stop masturbating their own egos.

So I arrive in Chicago, make it over to my connection with no problem, only had to wait 5 minutes to board 🙂 perfect timing! AND I got an exit row so I had like 10 feet to stretch out in my row, and no one in the seat directly next to me!

Well, 10:15 here, so I am heading to bed since it is 1:15 my body time.

55 and raining here, people here drive worse in rain than people in MA drive in the snow! and I was just listening to the news and they had some woman who was complaining about how cold it is, it is 55!! talk about wimps! This is T Shirt weather as far as I am concerned, and wow, a 50 lb meth bust out here… that’s some crazy shit… meth is some fucked up shit, blows my mind when I think about the ingredients to make it….


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