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Basic Life Skills

The world is an interesting place nowadays, and based on my own choices along with circumstances and luck, I have noticed a staggering trend among many many people.

I am not a parent, I am not an educator(formally anyway), but both of those are to blame for this trend since they are the ones who pass this on to the next generation.

Life skills, and I am talking about the simple ones are lost on so many people. These are simple skills that everyone should have whether they want to use them or not. They are the foundation of the majority of our basic ability to survive in our modern world. Some of them date back thousands of years, some 100 years, and some only 10 or 15, but they are all skills that every person should be aware of and understand.

I am going to create a list of these skills down below, and I am going to create a post about each one(someday if I ever remember to anyway), some will be very short posts, others will be long and extensive, hopefully explaining how to accomplish learning this skill. This will be an ever evolving list as well, please, if you have a skill that you think of that is missing, please let me know!

I am aware that this post will make me sound like an angry old man talking about back in the day before I was yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but in reality, I am not angry, I am more sad. This is not totally a generational thing, because there are people of generations older than me that don’t have some of these skills either.

Here is my list(so far):

  1. Sewing, nothing complex but some basics that can be expanded if you want.
    • Sew a button
    • Hem pants or skirt
    • Fix small hole
  2. Cook, nothing complex, but some basics that can be expanded if you want but are enough to survive without existing on take-out.
    • Follow a recipe.
    • Bacon
    • Scrambled Eggs
    • Grilled Cheese
    • Hamburger
    • French Toast
    • Chicken
    • Mashed Potatoes
  3. Car Related
    • Change a tire.
    • Change a wiper blade
    • Jump start a car.
    • Drive a manual transmission.
  4. Personal Finance
    • Balance a checkbook.
    • Figure out a budget.
    • Understand how credit and credit cards work.
  5. Use a computer
    • Browse the internet.
    • Search the internet.
    • Email Use.
  6. Personal Hygein
    • Brush your teeth.
    • Shower.
  7. Fold a fitted/contour sheet.
  8. Use a toilet plunger.

This list does need to be expanded, please help me with some ideas on some basic skills all humans should have in this world.

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