Hagan’s Grille – Hampton, NH

Went to dinner here on Friday night, spur of the moment kind of thing since I was up there anyway, needed dinner, did not want to get Domino’s like the group of people at the house were planning on and it was just mentioned to my friend Jenn by the hairdresser she had been at just a short time earlier.

So Jenn went on her date, so me and her roomate Kelly went to check it out, it was either that or go to the same restaurant as Jenn and her date and harass them, we decided to save that for another time when we can go as a group of 5 or 6 to harass her and her date.

The prices were a tad higher than expected for somewhere in Hampton, however the atmosphere, and food blew our minds! Very much worth the money!

They start you off with bread and butter like most places, except they definitely bake this bread themselves and the butter was no ordinary butter, it was whipped with red pepper and sage(I think). Very tasty.

Appetizers looked good, but we passed on them, maybe another time.

I had a cup of the mussel and roasted corn chowder – excellent!!

Then for my main course I had the spinach and garlic raviolis in a lobster citron sauce which was absolutely awesome as well.

Kelly had the haddock wrapped in parchment, which was a nice slice of haddock wrapped in parchment paper along with julienne vegetables and steamed. It was very good as well, very tender and sort of unique to eat with the way it was prepared. It came with grilled zucchini and garlic mashed potatoes which were quite good as well.

Portions were good sized, enough to make you feel full without the feeling of busting a gut if you finished your entire plate.

There was a live band playing while we were there, 2 guitarists and a stand up bass, it gave it some nice atmosphere and was much better than any canned music from a speaker system.

Long wine list and a full bar, but we only had water and sodas.

$40 for 2 people, probably $60 if you each have a real drink and an appetizer, but well worth it in the end.

Also, not a place to take children to.


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