First Day on the Job!

ok, so not really.

Big corporation with paperwork and different levels, so I have not started yet, I technically am officially starting tomorrow, however my boss just told me to work from home and fill out the paper work that will be arriving by FedEx tomorrow.

When I asked him what he wanted me to do working from home, he told me to do whatever I wanted, fill out the paperwork, do some laundry, catch up on TV, not a big deal either way.

He has to order me a laptop, blackberry, cell phone, and a couple other things anyway for me to really do any work, which should all be ready for Wednesday when I will actually go into work.

Wow, rough huh?

So today I went down to Foxwoods, got up at 5am and drove down.

No, I am not a compulsive gambler, I went down for a Poker Tournament that starts at 8am, registration starts at 7, and there is a cutoff for number of people who can play, so I wanted to make sure I got in.

I got in no problem, but they cut it off at 220 people. I played pretty well for my first tournament down there, I would have gotten money had it been a 250 person tournament, but with only 220 I just missed out on it. I was somewhere in the mid 40’s for my place, which means about 170-180 people got the boot before me, and I successfully knocked out 4 people at my table before I got the boot. I was stupid on one hand when I had a 9/10 suited, and a 9/10 were on the board as high cards, so I played it with people. Only real problem was that I failed to realize there was also a 7/8 on the board, and the 2 other guys both had Jacks so they beat me and split the pot.

All in all it was fun, I went and learned how to play Pai Gow poker afterward, and made back $20, then went and played some Caribbean Stud and some Let It Ride to make back the other $40 of the $60 from the tournament, so I come home only down the cost of gas, and the $4 I spent on Papa Gino’s halfway home for lunch.

Not a bad trade off for 5 hours of entertainment!


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