Harey Carey in Chicago

No, I am not going to commit it, although I might have considered it if I lived or had to stay near the landfill we drove past earlier today! NEVER smelled anything that bad before coming from a landfill.

But anyway, been in Chicago since yesterday, well not really Chicago, right outside near O’hare. Not a terrible area, but very industrial, which makes sense since the software we sell is for manufacturing and that is usually in an industrial area.

I wish I had been closer to Chicago so I could go in and check it out, maybe next time I will be able to have a car and do my own traveling around here.

We hit up a place called Harey Carey for dinner, and it was totally not as good as the prices would indicate, $37 for a 16 oz Sirloin is just totally way too high, I cannot imagine any steak being THAT good, but whatever, I went with the penne with asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto sauce. The pesto sauce was really good though, very fresh basil and not too much olive oil, and no pine nuts – I like em, just sick of places putting them in the pesto as a filler.

Well, I fly back to Logan tomorrow, I picked the 9:30 flight instead of the 6:30 flight, no need to wake up at like 4:30 to go home.

I also get to go to court tomorrow to try and get the money back from Rob. Such an annoying ordeal, and I hope that it can get the judgment go my way, and then deal with trying to collect it. it really is a shame he didn’t just deal with me and forced my hand to this extreme, since it would be a lot less money that he would end up having to pay me, plus no lawyer costs, and he never would have had to move out! People really confuse me sometimes.

Also, on another positive note, I have a guy coming to fix the hot tub tomorrow!! WOOHOOO!

Who is up for naked hot tubbing after it is fixed, filled, and heated?!?!?


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