The Good and The Bad

The bad first….

No hot water yesterday, at first I thought we were just out of oil cuz the tank sounded pretty empty when I was banging on it, but no, that was not it.

What it turned out being was the circulator pump was all clogged up so the water wouldn’t get hot, and also, the water heater has RUSTED OUT! So yeah, water was on the floor, not a good situation.

Also, today I went to court as a “witness” against one of the guys who broke into my house, but unfortunately the asshole who was on trial today is getting off because of a lack of evidence, no one was able to identify him, even though he was caught running from the area, covered in leaves and dirt, while sweaty and out of breath. Sometimes the court systems piss me off.

but onto the Good news…..

I have my first paycheck sitting at my desk at work! So I can pick it up when I go into the office tomorrow, and then deposit it into my ever shrinking bank account!

I had my first day of real work yesterday, it went well. I was out in Springfield at a customer site, I learned a lot about the installation process. Although I was very jealous of the computer we were working on, please pardon the geek speak that is forthcoming, Quad Dual Core 3.0 Ghz Intel Xeon Processors, 36 Gigs of RAM, with a hard drive capacity of 1.5 Terabytes of Storage space, a Terabyte is the equivalent of 1000 gigabytes, which is the equivalent of 1024 MB.  That is a crazy sick amount of everything! To put it in perspective, the normal computers people have in their homes are a a single processor that is between a 1.0 and 2.7 GHz in speed, this server had the equivalent of 16, SIXTEEN, of these in it with the quad dual core xeons. The RAM in a normal personal computer is nowadays 512 MB or 1 GB of RAM, this had 36!! and the space on the hard drives?!? That is enough to store the equivalent of 384,000 average size mp3s! And it was all rack mounted with a super cool fold away LCD screen.

Ok, all done with the geek speak.

The super duper good news now….. my water heater was under warranty!!!! YAY!!! So I do not have to buy a new one, they replace it for free, except I have to pay for the labor to have it installed, hey I can deal with that, it will end up only costing me like 300-400 for the labor instead of the 650-800 for labor and the new tank! I am definitely gonna drop the $100 for a lifetime warranty on the new water heater, how can I go wrong with that?!?

Also have an appointment to get my taxes all taken care of on Friday…. which will be great, definitely gettin back a nice chunk of change with that one!!!

Ummm… I am sure there are some other things as well… but my brain has kind of shut off  for the day…..


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