Joe’s in Natick

ok, went here for dinner last night.

We got seated right away which was nice, but the table we had was very small, and in a corner, not terrible but if the table had been 4 inches wider it would have been much better, trying to fit everything on the table at once was kind of tricky at a couple of points in the meal.

For an appetizer we got the calamari, it was good, however there were way too many red peppers and pepperoncini mixed in with the calamari, but it was still good overall. The fresh baked bread was warm and tasty though, and the whipped butter was firm yet easily spreadable.

Caesar salad was a bit of a disappointment, lettuce was kind of wilty and not many croutons, but not terrible either.

I had the Prime rib, I went with the 12oz cut instead of the tempting 24oz cut, although right now the leftovers of the 24 oz cut sound really good. It was cooked to near perfection and had little to no fat and gristle on it, the baked potato that came with it was awesome though, it was giant and nice and soft all the way through.

I had a granny smith martini which was acceptable, except the slice of apple the gave me was kind of skanky looking. They should have cored the apple and then sliced it thinner than they did before placing it with the drink.

All in all a decent experience, and I will probably go back at some point.


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