Ok, So I Really Did Start on Thursday!

I was in the office on Thursday, for real, this is not a dream!

I went in, picked out a cube, spent some time with my boss trying to figure out what phone extension I was going to get, got handed a whole bunch of training manuals for our software product to read, spent an hour and a half on an HR Welcome to the company do you have any questions conference call, and then went to the post office.

All in all, a pretty successful day in my mind.

Friday, I worked from home reading the previously mentioned manuals.

It is now Saturday morning and I am just sitting and waiting for my stove to be delivered, sometime between 11:30 and 3:30, but with my luck I figure it will be at 3:30!I can’t wait to get this thing in here and get it all set up, very little excites me like this, I will finally be able to REALLY cook in my house after almost a 4 month hiatus!


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