Project Escalation…

So yes, I was going through the simple task of installing a new window in my kitchen, so that went on with no major problems and things finished up just fine.

So I finished off with sheetrock and such around the window and was joint compounding it nicely today, it looks quite good.

So then I went to replace one of the outlets, I am doubling it up and putting in a surge protector plug in it’s place, so I need to replace the box and everything, Why not right?

So I pop a hole in the wall, and pull the box out, while in there, I look at the wall and notice that it is completely empty and I am looking at the boards which make up the outside of the house.

Wait, why can I see those? Why is there no insulation in there?

Oh shit, THERE IS NONE!!!!


So this is what it looks like right now.

Also, I pulled off some of the lovely paneling in the dining room area. And what do I discover they paneled OVER old plaster walls, WITH wallpaper on them!

As seen below notice the outline on the wall the clean spot with the dirty wall paper around it? That is where a telephone used to hang isnt that just ducky?!?!

Close up of the clean spot…..

What the hell. Small little project no problem. Of course this gets to happen to me. Home Depot here I come!!!

  1. #1 by Lisa Lisa on 2006/08/10 - 7:33 AM

    AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  NO insulation?!?!  That is just mind-boggling…  I don’t even want to THINK about how much money has been wasted on your heating bills!

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