w00t w00t

So the new things going on with me….

I forgot to mention before that I got a new lawnmower a couple weeks ago, WITH A BAG ON IT!!!

Also, I got a new cell phone today, I am officially caught up to date with a phone that has both bluetooth, AND a camera as part of it!

And then the biggest news of all!


no, not really, but the actual big news is that the new windows I purchased about a month ago will be installed this Friday in my house!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!

Hopefully this will help keep the heating bills down this up coming winter, as well as help reduce the number of bugs that like to fly in through the terrible screens and holey windows I currently have.

yay yay yay yay

ooooo I also had the new couch and chair delivered last friday, so this will be 2 fridays in a row of new stuff at my house!!

so exciting!

Now if I could only get that flower bed area finished off and the brush cleaned up…..

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