Do You Really Wonder Why?

Ok, so I am pretty sure you all know I travel a shitload for work, and if you don’t, well I dunno what rock you have been living under for the past year.

So i always tell people how I never check bags, I always do a carry-on instead since I hate having to wait and I would be bumming if my suitcase did not make it.

However, I bought a new suitcase last night and screwed up and bought one that is too big to be a carry-on. OOPS!

So I had to check it when I got to the airport this morning, the first time for work I have had to check any luggage at all.

and SHOCKING, the bag never made it with me all the way to San Francisco! Who woulda thunk it?

Of course, I was suspicious when I got off the plane and did not bother to go wait at the carousel to see if it would come up, I just went rigt to the office, handed them my luggage receipt and asked for them to check it to see where it was. The guy then said, “oh, it is in Cincinnati, how did you know it did not make it here?”

“gut hunch is all”

“ok, well it will be here about 8:30 or so. Where are you staying?”

“In Watsonville at the Holiday Inn Express”

“Ouch, that is gonna cost us for the delivery tonight, I guess that is our fault though. Here is your free toiletry kit and your bag should be at the hotel sometime around 10, if it is not there by 10 please call.. yadda yadda yadda”

And people wonder why I never check any bags?!?!?!?

So here I am, in my hotel, waiting for my bag still….

and on a totally different note….. DAMN, FL is putting a spanking on OSU tonight!!


  1. #1 by Lisa Lisa on 2007/01/09 - 7:44 AM

    I swear I remember your luggage getting lost once before on a work trip…  You traveled someplace and had to go find a Walmart to buy a shirt and stuff…  I’m pretty sure I was still living in Waltham at the time…

    I suppose that’s not the point though.  LOL.  Hope your bag enjoyed Cincinnati!

  2. #2 by Nedster on 2007/01/09 - 11:18 AM

    That was different… my bag was not checked, my bag was taken by another person cuz they thought my green bag was their red bag… and it was Target, I am klassy like that and went up a level from Wal-Mart to Target.

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