Not As Far As You Think

Philadelphia…. or to be more exact… King of Prussia, PA.

Yes, there is actually a city called King of Prussia, no idea why it is called that, but there is a city called that.

Anyway, I drove here last night/this morning. I could have flown, but I like driving better when it is not too far. I love driving at night as well, no traffic or problems. Definitely not as far as I thought it was.

So after 327 miles and 9.75 in tolls, it only took 4 hours and 45 minutes to get here. Rather nice I think, no traffic!!

Such a fun ride, the only problem was a dink from Maryland who was tailing me almost the whole time. He would sit behind me and just follow me, fall back and catch up, fall back and catch up, change lanes with me, and then if someone was going faster than us, he would go follow them and stay right behind them, and then if they got off, he would slow down and get back behind me. Why not just drive what you want to drive instead of sitting behind someone else?

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