Officially, First Time For Something..

First… to set the scene…. I am at a Hampton Inn down here in Monroe, LA. Now, this is not the normal Hamton I stay at, this one has no inside hallways and reminds me of a crack hotel, similar to the normal Red Roof or other type of place to stay. Also, the roadways and all of the surrounding area is pretty beat up and run down, I am pretty sure you have seen this area on at least 1 episode of cops, it fits the stereo typical cops area perfectly.

So, I went out to eat for dinner and have come back to my room. On the way there was this woman standing near her pickup truck which was parked near the stairway up to the 2nd level where my room is. She is probably mid 30’s but looks to be about mid to late 40’s and is dressed kinda trashy and smoking a cig while she stands there.

So I am walking past and go to head up to my room and I hear her say…

“hey, honey, you looking for any company tonight?”

So yes, I have officially been solicited by a hooker for the first time in person!!!

Talk about a monumental occasion

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