Wooties: Meow

Woot Shirt, Meow

Woot Shirt, Meow

Cats Cats Cats!

3rd Place in Derby #321: Text as Art, with 208 votes!

Buzzfood Lists: 11 Broken Images Of Cats You Wish You Could See!

1. This cat who totally thinks he’s a dog!


2. This cat who totally thinks his an iguana!


3. This cat who totally thinks he’s a social media intern!


4. This cat who totally thinks he’s George Clooney!


5. This cat who is checking his bank balance on an ATM and then smiling at the result!


6. This cat who is running for and successfully winning the Mayorship of a small Nebraska town!


7. This cat who taking a bite of a burger at a fancy gastropub, complaining it is under cooked, and getting it removed from his bill!


8. This cat who’s solving the equation ([{15x^(7/2)y – e^(x)} * 7.6e] + [38/5]e)*e(x^2+[3/2y^3]) and explaining his reasoning to a group of young scientists!


9. This cat wearing a business suit, drinking a scotch, smoking a cigar, and reflecting on his long career in finance!


10. This cat preparing a duck to be roasted and substituting a mixture of cumin and cinnamon for a result that is unconventional but nonetheless tasty!


11. This cat who totally thinks he’s an officer in the French military circa 1501!


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