Wooties: No Face

Hack The Mainframe

Woot Shirt, NO!Face

Woot Shirt, NO!Face

It’s just like the movie “Hackers” but with hairballs

They said “How can a cat join an international hacking syndicate?” They thought that just because I lacked fingers (for typing), an advanced cognitive apparatus, and any formal software training that I couldn’t make it as an “Anonymous” hacker, but…

HACK HACK HACK … excuse me, I … HACK HACK. I seem to have something caught in my throa–HACKHACKHACKHACKGULPHACKHACKHACK.

What’s that? You want me to move off your rug? Don’t worry about it, I think I’m fine I just need to HACKHACKHACK ugh HACK.

What was I saying? Oh yeah! Nobody believed I could make it as a hacker…


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