Wooties: Noooodles

Eating Habits

Woot Shirt, Nooodles

Woot Shirt, Nooodles

Noodle on this for a moment!

When broke college kids are hungry, they eat ramen noodles. But what do broke ramen noodles in college eat? Banana peels. Broke banana peels in college, meanwhile, eat dust mites. Broke dust mites eat ideas. That’s why it’s harder to think in dusty rooms.

Broke ideas in college eat paper. Broke pieces of paper in college eat rocks. Broke rocks in college eat scissors. Broke scissors in college eat paper. If you’re keeping score, that means broke pieces of paper in college have two predators. What we’re getting at it sucks to be broke and made of paper in college.

That was our whole point here. That it sucks to be paper. That was clear from the get-go, right?

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