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Playoffs? You Talking About the Playoffs?

A lot of people noticed that all 4 road teams won this past weekend, which might seem like an anomaly given the preference to home field advantage that most people assume exists.

I think in most cases, the better teams just came out on top, and one of the major factors in that are actually the QBs and their experience.

Compare the 2 sets, those who won vs those who lost.

In playoff starts, here is the experience of the past weekend’s losing team’s QBs in the playoffs.

Cousins 0-0
Hoyer 0-0
McCarron 0-0
Bridgewater 0-0

Not a single one has ever started a playoff game, and with the exception of Cousins who played in garbage time 4 years ago, none had ever even played in a playoff game either.

Now look at the QBs who were behind center on the winning teams.

Smith 1-2
Roethlisberger 10-5
Wilson 6-2
Rodgers 7-5

24-14 in playoff starts, and 4 super bowl wins by those QBs.

38 Starts to 0 starts in those QB matchups.

That’s what the difference really was in those games.

Also, interesting point of note, until the Redskins/Packers game on Sunday evening, not a single team had scored a 1st half touchdown on offense.

Now this weekend?

This is how the scheduled QBs stand for playoff history.

Smith 1-2 vs Brady 21-8
Roethlisberger 10-5 vs Manning 11-13
Wilson 6-2 vs Newton 1-2
Rodgers 7-5 vs Palmer 0-2

There are 9 SB wins in that group of QBs.

Based on playoff history and success of the QBs playing this weekend, would anyone be surprised if the winners are GB, NE, PIT, SEA?

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