Small Town Benefits

Food and Drink.

Small towns, although I think this technically qualifies as a city, they have a WalMart and a Target, and more than one Grocery Store.

but still, for example…

I went out to dinner tonight at a place called The Drake – Willie Maze Sports Bar, I had a small 8 oz fillet, Texas toast, and a Caesar salad for dinner. Then on top of that I had 2 tall Citron and Sprites with enough booze in each for 2.5 drinks and then finished it off with a piece of caramel apple pie with a scoop of ice cream(yes, I remember my blog, I have been good so I splurged a little) but the total for all that was only $16. $$16 that is practically unheard of to get all that for that money!!

And it was really really good too! I can do without the pie next time, but I think I will be back to The Drake again while I am here.

I talked to a nice old guy who was next to me at the bar, gave me a heads up on where to check out for lunch and breakfast while I am here….

and yeah… Prop planes suck….. way too much lateral movement on a take off and landing for my tastes….

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