I Feel Bad

Cuz I got word that my uncle died this morning, and while it is sad, it is also a blessing from what I have heard, but I am not really upset by it. I am more upset about not being very upset.

I have not seen him in probably 10 years, and had a chance to go see him a couple weeks ago but had other things that I had to get done so I was unable to do so.

I wish I could say I have happy memories of him as a child, but I don’t.

When I think of him, the only things that come to mind are gross smelling cigars, beer, gin and tonic and how red his face and nose was all the time, along with his house that smelled funny.

So I dunno what, if anything I should be feeling at this point, I guess  it is kinda life…

Not sure on funeral arrangements yet….

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