Dear Delta

You really need to get your things figured out….

It was really nice of you to call me with the automated phone call at 6:40 this morning to tell me the flight was delayed, luckily it was only 5 minutes before my regular alarm went off, so I was not too upset at being woken from my slumber.

However, you really need to organize yourself a bit more, you told me the flight was delayed til 10:45 when you called me, but when I checked online just before 9, it was 10:30 – ok, I can see that, but when I showed up at the airport at 9:55 and went to check in, I was told the flight was leaving at 10:15.

That is not nice, I now had to run to security, cut everyone else in line and get nasty looks from them, and then sprint to the gate, and then down the stairs and then down the hallway, and they get grabbed by the ground crew cuz my bag needed to get put under the plane cuz it was a regional jet… and then get dirty looks from everyone on the plane for delaying them and being the last person to get on the plane….


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