Here Is How It All Went Down

I apologize if any exact details are left out but you get the idea….

Friday night, my sister and BF went out for dinner to a Thai place they go to all the time.

They are having their dinner and have been making jokes and comments about the “crazy guy” in the kitchen through the course of the night.

So they are talking about their up coming trip to Jamaica and her BF throws out a question to her.

“What if while we were down there we just ran over to Grand Cayman and got married?”

My sister responds “We can’t do that, you know my family, they would kill me if I ever did something like that”

“Ok, but you did not answer the other part of the question about us getting married”

“Well, we can cross that bridge when we come to it”

“What bridge?”

“You know, that bridge, the one really high up over a deep dark precipice that is shaky and make of planks and rope and sways a lot in the wind. That bridge”

“Oh, ok….. What the hell is he doing in there?” *Looks towards kitchen*

She turns around to look at the kitchen and says “What are you talking about?”

She turns back around to face him and sitting on her plate of noodles is a small little wrapped up box….

and well, that is all of the story that I got…

I think it was a pretty smooth way for things to go down!

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